Summer Vacation Tips

Many families will be taking summer vacations this summer; dont let a mechanical breakdown ruin it!!!

Before take to the road, have your car thoroughly checked by a mechanic at Presleys Auto service to make sure it is mechanically sound to make the trip We will inspect everything from your wipers to the pressure in your tires!!!!

Here is a list of other safety items you may need:

  • Make sure your spare tire is in good shape inflated and that all the jack pieces are there.
  • Carry a spare 4 litre container of coolant/antifreeze with you. If your car overheats the extra coolant may allow you to make it to the nearest service centre. If your car does overheat stop immediately but please make sure it is safe to do so. Look for leaks and allow the car to cool down before removing the radiator cap as the coolant can be scalding hot.
  • A small empty gas can in case you run out of gas and are close enough to walk to the nearest gas station. Never carry a full gas can in the vehicle. Your car could break down and you may have to wait for a tow truck. Have a cell phone handy and be sure that it is charged. If you are not a cell phone subscriber, consider purchasing a pay as you go cell phone and prepaid minutes before you leave.
  • Keep road flares, plenty of bottles of water, sunscreen, rain poncho, umbrellas, snacks and a few games or books in the car. In case of breakdown at night you should carry flashlights, blankets and pillows this can make for a more comfortable ride as well.
  • Lastly carry a first-aid kit. The kit should contain antiseptic, bandages, cotton balls, cotton swabs, medical tape, motion sickness medicine, burn cream, aspirin, ibuprofen and scissors. Make sure to carry any prescription drugs your family needs.
  • Most important have your car inspected before you go. The mechanic may recommend belt, hoses and wiper replacement and this can definitely ensure that you have safe and fun memories of you summer trip.