Do I Need Steel Rims for My Winter Tires?

Presley’s Auto recommends that if you have alloy rims you most definitely should, as they are more resistant to corrosion than alloys. This will preserve your rims for a longer period of time. Alloy rims also have a tendency to lose more air in the colder weather than steel rims. You should always monitor your tire pressure all year long for safety and fuel efficiency.

In the long run it should save you money also, most service centres will charge more for removing the summer tires and replacing and balancing the snow tires on the old rims as it takes the service technician more time.

So, even if you have steel rims on your summer tires it won’t take long for the new rims to pay for themselves.

You should always have your rims and tires balanced by a professional. Here at Presley’s Auto we service everything we sell and have a licensed automotive technician on staff.

As it gets closer to winter please make an appointment with Presley’s Auto early so you are not caught out in the cold.