Car Repairs Look before you Leap

Some simple things you can look for when selecting a reputable repair facility:

Car repairs can be costly. Most of us have little idea of what may be wrong with our vehicle. Does the service garage take advantage of this lack of knowledge?

One of the first things that the person who owns the car should look for is how efficient, organized and clean the garage is. This kind of vehicle service area is, understandably, not sparkling clean. However, most reputable auto repair shops are able to achieve a degree of cleanliness and organization. Car repair usually involves grease, fuel, oil, exhaust and many other substances that can cause a facility to be dirty or messy. Mechanics who clean up after themselves and garage owners, who expect this from their mechanics, are more likely to be professional in all their dealings.

Look for proper and detailed paperwork, as well as transparency. A professional repair facility will put in writing, the details of the repair diagnosis as well as what was fixed on the vehicle, including parts and labour. When the work order is signed without the repair estimate completed, the garage should ensure that the customer is called and offered an explanation on what repairs are required and what the estimated cost will be, prior to starting the repairs.

The way that the assigned mechanic looks after the vehicle is also another sign of professionalism. Some mechanics do not care whether they leave the vehicle dirty with their handprints or footprints. Mechanics that care for vehicles will notice these things and wipe away any greasy smudges and ensure that floor mats and fender covers are used when working on the vehicle.

While at the garage, the vehicle owner can see how busy, efficient and clean the repair facility is and make judgment whether to proceed. Ask if you can view the vehicle repair area to see for yourself. Busy facilities are a good indication that the establishment is reputable, but make sure that they are not too busy to do detailed and thorough work.

Finally, recommendations from friends and family members are also valuable. They usually recommend car service garages where they have had a good experience with their car repairs.

If there are no recommendations from family and acquaintances, vehicle owners can also search for reviews online.